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About North Cyprus…

Over the years, Busy Bees Estate Agents has earned a reputation for high-quality transactions that are honored internationally. Buying property abroad and looking at property for sale in North Cyprus? Maybe a villa in Kyrenia or a bungalow in Bogaz? Perhaps an apartment in Famagusta or a penthouse in Bafra? The final choice of course, is one of personal preference and you are certainly spoilt for choice in North Cyprus.  The following very brief summary of the different regions may be of help. Click any card to expose more…

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Estentepe - Tatlısu


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Estentepe & Tatlısu Two beautiful towns on the north coast of the island, east of Kyrena. Unlike Nicosia, the towns are far from busy traffic and concrete. One of the most lovely features of the region is that you have both sea and mountain views from the same window of your villa.

This ares is considered by some to be the most beautiful on the entire Island.



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Bogaz-Bafra: Many people consider this region to be the “new area of opportunity” for buying property and land in North Cyprus. We at Busy Bees  took this into account when deciding where to open our head office. This is confirmed by the investment taking place in the surrounding area: a multi-million investment at Bafra, some exciting new developments in prime locations and a good choice of new and pre-owned villas, apartments and bungalows.

Famagusta (Gazimağusa)


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Famagusta: The town and seaport of Famagusta is a fascinating mixture of ancient and modern with the old town within the historic city walls being in contrast with the modern town and port. For those seeking buy to let property there are some excellent opportunities. Some entire apartment blocks are sometimes on the market at very competitive prices. Combine this with a ready made market in the form of students from the university here and the potential becomes obvious. A very fast growing and popular area is the coastline of Famagusta Bay which curves towards Bogaz and Bafra. There are a number of very exciting developments along this stretch which boasts some excellent beaches. New, off-plan and pre-owned properties here should be on everyone’s shortlist.



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Kyrenia (Girne): This beautiful part of the island is on the north facing coast and nestles beneath the towering mountain range known as Five Finger Mountains. Much of the development over recent years has taken place along the stretch of coast taking in Lapta, Alsancak, Malatya and other villages to the west of Kyrenia town and a number of places along the coast to the east including Catalkoy  Esentepe and Ozankoy. There are a high number of Europeans, particularly British, now living along this stretch. Bellapais, in the heights above the town, is particularly delightful  but expect to pay more for a well located property.



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Karpaz Yarımadası On the Karpaz Peninsula development is strictly controlled to preserve the uniqueness of this area of outstanding natural beauty. Some selective development has been approved and the new Karpaz Gate Yacht Marina is now open. Take a look around the coastal area near to Yenierenkoy, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Nicosia (Lefkosa)


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Nicosia: The Turkish Cypriot sector is the capital and administrative centre of Northern Cyprus . It is also home  to much of the industry and businesses of the T.R.N.C.  Most prospective property buyers seeking holiday or retirements homes tend to favour the coastal areas, but investors in land or property may well find something of interest here. Simply stated, this is the economic engine of the Nation.

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