North Cyprus - Nicosia

Discover a magnificent old, walled city worthy of any Fairy Tale.

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This City truly means where old meets new! Nicosia was first founded 4,500 years ago in the fertile plain of Mesaoria. The Capitol remains the commercial center of Northern Cyprus to this day.

If you grow weary of coast’s sea and sunbed scene and even if you don’t, make sure you spend some time in the country’s capital, Nicosia. It is an enticing city and is ideal for experiencing what modern Cyprus is all about. The ancient walls, traditional restaurants and an increasingly vibrant and young café and cultural scene effectively showcase the city’s basic make-up.

Almost everything of interest lies within the historic walls, where a maze of narrow streets reveals churches, mosques and evocative colonial-style buildings. The country’s best museum is also here, housing an extensive archaeological collection.

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